At 14 years of age I talked my parents into ending the medical odyssey we had been on to seek a cure for my condition. I wanted people to see and get to know Simon. I needed them to know me, my sense of humour, to share my dreams, and to treat me as “one of the boys”. As a teenager in high school at St. Michaels University School it would have been hard to dream what’s actually happened in my life. And I could not have done what I have with without the support of my incredible friends who have never ceased to believe in my capabilities.

Sport has been a great passion for me and provided me with amazing experiences and the opportunity to make so many close friendships. It has also been a great vehicle to advocate and raise awareness and funds for MPS II Hunter syndrome and the entire rare disease community.

I thank all my friends for their wonderful friendship and ongoing support. I look forward to a lot more laughs and great times together. It definitely feels good to just be “one of the boys”. With my friends’ support, I know my iBellieve Foundation will find a cure for MPS II Hunter syndrome and all Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

2014-05-24 10.55.07            
         Coach K and Simon      10531371_10154425501215265_493937713661570377_o                   Dallas (Jan 2014)